Year 2010

The 2010 Pilot Survey

The pilot survey was conducted in early 2010 associated to the annual census survey, on a sample of 20,000 respondents.
If certain issues have been reorganized from the 2008 test, the main changes consist of a shortening of the questionnaire. The questions concerning languages spoken were completely removed from the survey.

Main lessons of the test

• A broadly welcomed by households. Eventhough some questions were considered sensitive they were ultimately filled according to the supervisors.
• The enquête Famille et logements questionnaire was considered easy to complete and legible. The remarks expressed concerned sthe sensitivity of certain issues such as separation, death of relatives, parents’ nationality. Note that the question of the spouse’s gender has not raised any problem.
• The non-response rate of households in EFL 11 to 12%. The non-response rate is on average higher in larger municipalities. A large dispersion of significant non-response rates was observed between municipalities.
• A sampling well understood. Some census enumerators such as the ones in Paris had to manage census bulletins with and without EFL questionnaires in their collection area.
• The general view is that there is no significant negative impact on the census collection. There was however a slight delay in the collect for small towns after the third week. This delay was mostly recuperated in the following weeks.