LiLi : des Lieux aux Liens

LiLi : des Lieux aux Liens (from spatial to social ties)

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Space as a Marker of Family Interactions (ANR-10-ESVS-004)

Space as a Marker of Family Interactions (ANR-10-ESVS-004)

The 2011 round of the Family survey, undertaken in conjunction with the census by the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE), addresses both the spatial configuration of families and the functioning of family spaces.

 This large-scale family and housing survey, known as Famille et logements (EFL), covers a nationally representative sample of 400,000 individuals aged 18 and over. It aims at describing family housing situations and relationships both within the household and beyond, as family members may reside in several different households.

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Des Lieux aux Liens

Le projet ANR programme Espace et Territoire en SHS

A project sponsored by the ANR "Space and Territory in Social Sciences" programme

Running from January 2011 to December 2014, the project agenda covers data collection for the Famille et Logements survey, data analysis by a consortium of multidisciplinary research teams and dissemination of results. The project team is in charge of organizing and coordinating multidisciplinary collaboration for the production and analysis of this original dataset. Geographers, sociologists, statisticians and demographers all work on topics which combine spatial locations and social relationships, and rely on data which rarely associate these two aspects. A large-scale survey to approach the spatial organization of families will provide a unique opportunity to mobilize the energies of a large team, with a view to documenting situations such as multi-residence of individuals, the circulation of children between the their parents’ different households, etc.